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About Us
Synergy 17 was created to promote and help the hobbyist, new business, and existing business break into the world of garment decorating. Our main goal is to find the right equipment and accessories to fit the job you are trying to fulfill. We've tested many brands of equipment and accessories and have selected the few brands sold on our site to be the best fit for this industry. We want to offer the best customer service as possible and help make you successful in your business in any way we can. Please feel free to contact us anytime with your questions and comments.

Hi-Energy Networks Joseph Tovar
Joseph's strong background in technology makes him a perfect fit for helping customers when things go wrong. As a longtime owner of Hi-Energy Networks, Joseph has a wide array of talents from Computer Consulting, Web Design, Network Integration, Garment Decorating, Laser Engraving, and Sign Making. He has also tested and reviewed many different types of equipment and consumables over the years, compiling a list of what he believes to be the best that works for him. Joseph enjoys helping others and believes that anyone can be successful as long as they have the drive and are willing to work hard for it.