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Glitz Up Rhinestone Vacuum Applicator

$94.99  $79.00
Save: 17% off

No more hassle setting rhinestones!

The help of Glitz Up 2 in 1 vacuum applicator brings back the joy of setting fashion accessories! This tool combines two processes in one. No more hassle setting fashion accessories  by hand or with tweezers separately on the fabric to glue it afterwards with an applicator. The advantage in comparison to any other method is: You don’t need further tools anymore! This reliable, patented technique is easy to handle. With the right use of this tool you will enjoy quality and its long lasting capability. Depending on your wish, you can regulate the vacuum pump and the heater separately. The vacuum function of this tool allows also lifting up different sizes of rhinestones. So the advantage for you is also, that you don't necessarily need to change the tip every time if you use different sizes of fashion accessories to set it on the fabric.

The unique Glitz Up 2 in 1 applicator is for setting and fixing stones, studs, and other materials. This is the only product to lift and glue (hot-fix) stones and studs - while the vacuum picks up the stone the hot-fix glue melds through the heat of the Teflon tip in one single step onto your garment. The vacuum can also function without heat.


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