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S17 Rhinestone Decal Material Heat Press & Application Instructions

  1. Heat your press to 330F and set for medium pressure.
  2. Remove rhinestone transfer backing (white backing) and check design to ensure that the rhinestone elements have not shifted. Use tweezers to reposition elements if needed.
  3. Place the sticky side of the rhinestone transfer down onto the glossy surface of your Rhinestone StickOns™ Material.
    Note: For optimal appearance and ease of applying the finished rhinestone decal, we recommend that the Rhinestone StickOns™ Material™ be contour cut slightly larger than your rhinestone design. This is best accomplished using a vinyl cutter with a 60 degree blade and should be done prior to this step. If this is your first time cutting Rhinestone StickOns™ Material, please perform small test cuts first to determine the correct blade depth and pressure settings for your specific cutter!
  4. Place a teflon sheet or parchment paper above and below the combined rhinestone transfer and Rhinestone StickOns Material and press for 12-15 seconds. The Rhinestone StickOns™ Material should melt slightly around each rhinestone, helping to secure the rhinestones in place on the surface of the Rhinestone StickOns™ Material.
    Tip: An even pressure from your heat press is needed for all rhinestones to properly adhere to the Rhinestone StickOns™ Material. One way to ensure an even pressure is to place a piece of stiff cardboard beneath the decal while pressing.
  5. Your rhinestone decal is now complete.
  6. To apply the rhinestone decal, remove the easy-release decal backing.
  7. Apply the rhinestone decal to a smooth, clean surface.
  8. Remove the rhinestone transfer tape to reveal the applied decal.