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S17 TexTack™ Foil Adhesive Material Heat Press & Application Instructions

  1. Heat your press to 305F and set for medium pressure.
  2. Remove the thin blue, clear, or paper layer of material. This is just a protective sheet used during manufacturing.
  3. Cut adhesive to size for your material.
  4. Flip leatherette so the bottom is facing up. Put the adhesive face-down over the leatherette and press for 10 seonds. Peal hot.
  5. When ready, laser material as needed to make patches, etc
  6. Heat your hat press to 325-335 and apply patch for 25-35 seconds.
  7. If using the Hotronix 360IQ hat press, heat the upper platen to 290 and the lower platen to 330. Press patch for 20-30 seconds.
  8. Here's a link to a video to see the overall process. S17 TexTact Patch Process Video
  9. Here's a link to a video on how I prepare full sheets. S17 TexTact Leatherette Video

Washing Instructions:
To reduce wear on the foiled image, it is recommended that the garment be hand washed or machine washed cold (delicate cycle) inside out and line or air dried. Do not use bleach. Do not iron printed area.